Calathea rufibarba 'Tropistar'

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Common names: Velvet Calathea | Fuzzy Feather Calathea

Native to:  Brazil / Columbia

Description:  An elegant and highly decorative Calathea. Glimpses of the burgundy colour on the velvety stems and underside of the leaves provide a pleasing contrast to the green of the smoother leaf tops.  

*** Plant height on delivery: Approx. 110cm with pot ***

Difficulty: Moderate

Light: Tolerates a shady spot but will do better in a brighter area. No prolonged direct sunlight!

Water: Calatheas like their soil to be damp at all times and won't want to dry out between waterings. However it does not like to sit in water so ensure any excess drains away. Water should be room temperature - rainwater is idea or tapwater that has been left to stand overnight. 

Temperature: These plants enjoy typical indoor temperatures (18-24°C / 64-75 F) 

Humidity: This tropical rainforest understory plant likes a humid environment - around 60%+ to thrive at its best. Daily misting with rainwater helps to keep it happy. 

Fertiliser: Once the plant has acclimatised to its position, a weak solution of general houseplant fertiliser can be applied monthly throughout summer.  

Potting mix: We use a fast draining potting mix for these Calatheas. 


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