Crassula ovata
Crassula ovata
Crassula ovata

Crassula ovata "Monstruosa'

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Common name/s:  Gollum Jade | Trumpet Jade | Hobbit Jade 

Native to:  South Africa and Mozambique

Description:  These enchanting, easy growing plants with fascinating tubular leaves take on the appearance of small trees as their trunk thickens and broadens with age. On occasions - usually with increased sunshine - the tips of the leaves become tinged with red, producing a striking effect. The plant responds well to pruning and shaping should it ever be required. A delightful plant all-round and a stunning focal point. 

*** Plant height on delivery: Approx. 80cm with pot ***

Difficulty: Easy

Light:  A light, airy position. They appreciate a few hours of full sunshine a day, preferably in the morning as afternoon sun indoors can often be too intense and they do not enjoy too much heat.

Water:  In spring and summer, soak the plant and ensure all the water has drained away. As with most succulents, leave to completely dry out to the roots before watering again. A fortnightly soak should suffice, although obviously this will be partly dependent on the plant's position and environment.  Using a moisture meter avoids any uncertainty.

Temperature: These plants enjoy typical indoor temperatures (16-24°C / 64-75 F) 

Humidity: Not required. 

Fertiliser: Once the plant has acclimatised to its position, a weak solution of general succulent fertiliser can be applied every few weeks throughout summer.  

Potting mix: We use a very well draining cactus potting mix - well draining, light and sandy.  

Notes: The Gollum Jade can live to around 100 years.

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